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Wedding Photography FAQ

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Just about everyone owns a digital camera or camera phone these days; and as technology improves, equipment that was perhaps  out of reach from the general consumer, has now become affordable to many. There are also many people that believe wedding photography is an easy option as a second income; after all, how hard can it be to take a few good pictures?

With that in mind, I always recommend you research your photographer before making any final decision. Ask lots of questions; do you have a website? Can you show you examples of a full wedding? Can I speak with your previous clients who have left reviews? Are you fully insured and so on.

To help prospective clients I’ have put together a list questions that I regularly receive, but also recommend  everyone should be considering when researching or choosing your wedding Photographer!

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You’re not the cheapest photographer who can do it?

(My uncle has a good camera and can do it for free)

We provide a professional photography service to my clients. We have invested time, effort and resources on developing our photography skills into a successful photography business; we use professional equipment.

You’ll want us to be your photographer because we provide a complete package; from consultation & planning, wedding day coverage, post processing every photograph and designing your album. we use professional suppliers for our photo books to guarantee you a high quality printed product that will protect and display your valuable memories for generations to come.

Friends and family with a camera may have the of best intentions when they offer to photograph your wedding, however wedding photography is not just about taking good photographs or owning a good camera; it’s about understanding the light; it’s  about people skills, it’s about being organised, being consistent, flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances (for example, time slippages and the weather); and above all it’s about being professional.

Ask yourself honestly “what are my memories worth to me and to my family for generations to come?

Do you mind if my guests take pictures?

Of course not, it’s your wedding after all! we have no issues with guests taking their own photographs during your wedding; it’s common practice these days anyway with so many camera phones around; and we will always try to accommodate opportunities for your guests by being as unobtrusive as possible.

However there is the growing practice; that of an ‘unplugged wedding’. This is where a bride and groom will ask and encourage their guests to put their cameras and phones away for the day to enjoy the day through their eyes and not a screen or lens! we have had feedback from this kind of wedding where guests have enjoyed the day more; and have had an increased excited anticipation to see the official photographs.

At the end of the day though, it is totally up to you.

What’s a wedding consultation?

This is a free and no obligation face to face meeting; I will meet you at your home at my house or location of choice and we will discuss your wedding day plans and the coverage that you would like as well as any specific requirements together. I will explain in detail how we work and show you  some completed weddings,  I will also explain my written contract, . It’s always a good idea to write down a few questions before the meeting and have an idea of what is most important to get from your photographer.

Can I see photographs from other recent weddings?

Yes of course. You can see examples of my weddings photos in my wedding portfolio and my more recent work on my blog.

Are you insured?

Yes. I hold full Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I have been taking photographs ever since I can remember for personal use and travel, starting out with 35mm film cameras; I switched to digital cameras as technology improved and prices came down; and I have been providing professional photography services to clients for over 15 years, with it being a full time career since 2010,

There is an argument amongst photographers and clients alike, about being a specialist to just wedding photography. However first and foremost I consider myself a photographer/artist and image maker; and I employ skills from all genres of photography no matter what the subject, be that a wedding, commercial commission or family portrait session.

I believe that shooting varied commissions compliments one to the other. For example, understanding the skills needed to photograph jewellery for a commercial job are the same for when taking the ‘details’ during the bride getting ready.

Do you provide video coverage?

My passion and focus is on digital stills photography, however that’s not to say I won’t offer this as part of a package in the future. I would also be happy to recommend videographers that I’ve worked with before. If you already have someone in mind I will always discuss the day with them, to ensure that we both get the best from the day!

What equipment do you use?

I work with Professional Sony Digital DSLR Cameras, equipment and lenses ; we always bring a range of spare/backup equipment and memory cards  to cover any risk of failures and I use  the latest industry standard Adobe software for my post processing work.

What’s your style?

My style sits somewhere between Photojournalistic/Documentary style and contemporary ‘posed’ styles.

Primarily I’m there to capture the story of your wedding, unobtrusively and capturing real moments  in as natural way as possible. At the same time, I will include some naturally looking posed shots for a more modern feel.

Of course If you have any specific ideas already, I can tailor the style to your preference.

Do you take traditional group shots?

Yes; I always recommend doing a few at least even if you are going for a pure documentary style.

 I aim to do them as quickly and relaxed as possible; you don’t want your guests to be waiting around for too long! I should also point out this does rely on the guests cooperation to be in them.

Where are you based?

I’m Based in Derby in the East Midlands

How far will you travel?

The majority of my work is in and around Derby as well as Nottingham and  Leicester however I can and have travelled throughout the UK and I can provide packages for destination weddings aboard if necessary; please keep in mind that there may be additional charges for travel and transport depending on the destination. However nothing is hidden and everything is agreed prior to the booking.

Can I decide what pictures go into my album?

Yes of course. It’s your album and it needs to be perfect for you. I discuss your ‘must have’ photographs during the consultation and pre-wedding shoot and make those my priority on the day.

I do sometimes find that some clients can struggle when it comes to choosing the photos for their album. So to help, I will generally select what I see as the best photographs of the day and design the story flow and layout for you. You’re then free to make any changes you like until you’re 100% happy.

Do you airbrush the photographs?

Airbrushing is a pre-digital era expression commonly used for the retouching of photographs; it is often associated with the ‘cover girl’ magazine whereby a model has been made to look thinner or the smoothing and removal of skin blemishes. Today the retouching is more commonly done through computer software such as Adobe Photoshop.

I check and edit every photograph that you receive as necessary to ensure the best possible quality. This may include, cropping or straightening the photograph, correcting any colour imbalances and conversions to/from colour and black & white photographs. If requested and wherever possible, I will also remove blemishes from close up portraits as naturally as possible.

Do you produce colour and black and white photographs?

I provide a mixture of colour and black and white photographs that I think best represents your wedding as some photographs will look better in colour and others in black and white. I will of course accommodate any specific requests too.

What if it rains (or goes wrong)?

Improvise adapt and overcome! Seriously though I’ve experienced some very ‘wet’ weddings before; and I’m generally prepared to deal with most situations. Having said that I’m also happy to arrange a post-wedding shoot.. perfect excuse to show that wedding dress off again.

It’s not just about the weather too; I’ve been at weddings where the the rings were forgotten, the bride has been over an hour late, where the grooms suit didn’t fit, have had to administer first aid, brides and bridesmaids feinting; and where the flowers didn’t turn up and when they did they were wrong… A wedding is a fluid entity and sometimes things go wrong, what is important though is that your photographer is adaptable to the situations whatever is thrown at them!

How long do you stay for?

For package deals, full coverage is just what it is; from the getting ready up to and including the first dance regardless of any time slippage.

How many photographs do you take; and how many do I get?

I do not limit the number of photographs I take;  and for a full coverage wedding I guarantee a minimum of 250 photographs you receive, but generally it’s considerably many more than this; and on average it is around 300-500 for a full day. I’m only really restricted by available time, weather and number of guests.

How long is it before I get my photographs?

My ethos is to make every photograph the best it can be, by checking and editing every photograph for quality and therefore not to be rushed; I am for the images to be ready within 4 weeks at busy times this can take a little longer but you will be kept informed;

Do I get the copyright; and can I print/copy the digital photographs myself?

This is often misunderstood by clients; I actually own and retain the copyright of all the photographs. However you are given a non-commercial licence to use the digital photographs as you like; this includes printing and copying the files as many times as you want. The exceptions to this is that you are not allowed to ‘sell’ the photographs or use them commercially without my written consent.

Do I need to pay you before the big day?

Yes. I require a £250.00 non refundable booking fee at the time of booking so that I can secure your wedding date;  the remainder of the balance needs to be paid in full 1 week (7 days) before the wedding date. I accept a variety of payment methods (Bank Transfer, credit card, PayPal etc.). you can make a payment right here on my website,


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